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Posted on: January 14, 2009

Happy New Year! It is going to be the year of the Ox in a few days (by the way, my year :)) so maybe it is due to this fact I find so many references to cows in outer reality. For example, in a word “modern” in reference to art. Everywhere I turn my ears, I hear “mo-o-o-o-odern”, sounds like a heard of cows, with a slight variations on “post-mo-o-o-o-odern” theme. What is “modern”, anyway? To me it means “contemporary”, “fresh”, “new”… Is that art what we call modern, is it that new? It already has been a few decades… and the term “post-modern” sounds completely absurd. And what about what comes after that? “post-post modern”? So I am an artist, painting today, for my contemporaries (myself included). Am I making modern art?

I am including my latest couple of paintings, and asking the readers to tell me, what category does it fall into? I think it does not fall into any. I think real art is an eternal thing, it is never just “modern” or “post-modern”…

The first one  is the beautiful Yemanja, the Patroness of Brasil, the goddess of the sea and the moon. She is also closely related to Nossa Senhora Aparecida, a dark Madonna of Brasil. They both have dark skin and are associated with water. And the mermaid on the right is your humble servant 🙂 I painted this recently in Dec 2008, while in Abadiania, Brasil, at the healing center of Joao de Deus. The energy there is amazing and the painting was saturated with the healing Light of the place.

The second piece is Divine Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of Love and Beauty, and the patroness of arts. I feel very closely connected to her, she has been my inspiration for many years. This piece is 150×100 cm, oil on canvas with golden leaf ornamentation.


5 Responses to "Mo-o-o-o-o-dern"

In the year of the Ox it is a fitting time to comment on what is modern or not, the Ox being a sign that gives an honest opinion and probably does not suffer fools gladly!
I love your disambiguation of modern (mooodern) and postmodern (postmooodern). It certainly is a load of bull really, as are all categorisations and what you wrote had me laughing for about half an hour. I wonder how and when we will get to post-post-post-post moodern!?
I love your paintings. These two are once again beautiful.

Your painting of Yemanja is absolutely extraordinary. I was lucky enough to spend some time in Salvador in my early twenties and was just thinking about her the other day. I regret I didn’t bring home some sort of memorabilia at the time, but i was just wondering if maybe you sell prints or anything like that of that beautiful piece. thanks! really, you are amazing!!!

your yemanjá painting is beautiful. if you are selling prints i want one or too!
good work


I’m Luisa Arango and I work for a popular festival in Paris that takes place in june. we do the scientific part of this manifestation which means that we carried out some debates with people that comes to the festival. this year the subject is “water and women” and we’re lookin for some images to animate the panel. we found your image of Yemanja very appropriate for our work so we would like to know if the image is available and under which conditions (price, quotation, etc.). We should have a soft copy of the image since it will be print in ten panels. you can have a look on our festival call “le festival de l’oh!” on our website: http://festival-oh.cg94.fr and send me a message if you are interested.


Luisa Arango

Hi Luisa,

This is lovely! i like your festival and the website is beautiful, too! Sure I can land you my image. I will have to get back to you on the price.

Thank you very much for your interest and your project is very very timely and good!


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