KarisMa, Goddess Artist

The Feather of Maat

Posted on: March 31, 2009


Here is my latest magical piece, “The Feather of Maat”. I am working on a large canvas Isis/Osiris, featuring the whole drama of the myth. Of course there will be individual parts that will require lots of detailed work and attention. And naturally they require a lot of research into the historical Egypt, study of the symbology, as well as plain old skrying and trying to retrieve the information myself. Ha! it is a small piece and contrary to the popular opinion, those take as much work as the bigger ones… depending on how the artist works, of course. The strokes are smaller but it does not make the work faster!:)

I was pondering a lot how to express the beginning of the myth, while the Egyptian sources only share with us that Isis and Osiris where twin brother and sister among the five children of Geb and Nut. I wanted to show that they were twins and they were the complimentary energies, representing one truth, one order, one balance – bringing piece to Egypt by keeping “Maat”.  “Maat” means all those things – truth, balance, order, and that was the mission of each Egyptian pharaoh, to keep “Maat” in Egypt.  Difficult task indeed.  So the challenge of Osiris by Seth (which will follow) means the clashing of the forces of Maat (Osiris) and Chaos, which Seth represents. Egyptian myths have so much depth and symbology, working on so many different levels from individual psyche up to the collective consciousness, and I personally relate to them very closely and always find a reflection in the alchemy of my very soul.

This piece is executed in oil and tempera, on canvas, with the use of golden leaf and sparkling powder.  Please feel free to visit www.karismartic.com for further details.  Though the piece is no longer available, it was immediately purchased by a collector from the Eternal City, but don’s dispair the saga of Isis and Osiris will continue under my brush… or perhaps you find something else that speaks to you on my website. 🙂


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