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Archangel Gabriel, the Messenger

Posted on: November 26, 2009

Archangel Gabriel is the Messenger. Gabriel is one of my Guardian Angels, too. He has an amazingly soft loving energy, I love his love and I love to feel his wings. This painting is particularly special, it was painted in record time – less than a week, and it was painted in Casa Dom Inacio, Abadiania, Brazil. This is a holy place of healing, Love and Light.

I have painted this piece and while it was still wet, I took it to the Entity for blessing. I stood in the “good-bye line” and as far as I knew the Entity was Dr. Augusto. While I was standing there, I was praying for a sign and I made an eye contact with Dr. Augusto and he heard my prayer. When my turn came I kneeled before the Entity and he asked me who was that I painted. I answered that it was Archangel Gabriel. Then the Entity changed (later I found out it was Dr. Valdevino) and asked me again the same 🙂

He looked at the picture for a while and then made comments – my overall representation of the angel was correct, only I had to change his face into more masculine countenance… (at that time Gabriel looked more feminine). Dr. Valdevino smiled the whole time he liked my painting and he said, “It was made with great Love”. I was deliriously happy after this and I could say easily this was one of the happiest moments in my life, for it was a recognition from the Spirit world that I was on the right track with my work and the Love that I want to manifest with my art is there. He blessed the piece and signed it (signature is vaguely detectable under the “eye” in the middle of the painting). Every time I look at the piece I get a big smile on my face and so even now as I right these words, I am grinning happily 😀


8 Responses to "Archangel Gabriel, the Messenger"

Hello, Karisma,

The archangel Gabriel you painted is very beautiful and I saved it in my files about angels because I like to collect pictures of them. Your painting have ‘charisma’, so like your name and it is funny that you have painted the picture of the angel in Brasil, for this land is my homeland. I live in Germany now. I browsed on some of your comments and found them very interesting and it seems you are a very nice person with a lot of light inside. May you be blessed always.


Hi Cecilia!

Thank you very much for your kind words – I love your country and I love to paint there! I have painted one more Angel while in Brasil this winter, Anjo Ismael – maybe you know him. I will post him up here… I am in Austria, having my exhibition now in Poechlarn. How far are you from Austria – maybe you could come to the art show – it is still on this weekend. Would love to meet you – lots of Love and Light your way, Nina.

Hi Karisma,

I came across this in a Google search for pictures of Gabriel and I have to say that I like it more than any other I have seen. I love your work. I also feel he/she is a Guardian for me and I felt like I saw him/her once. I think it is essential that Gabriel be depicted nearly gender neutral or leaning toward the feminine. Do you mind if I print it to frame for my little altar?



Hi Karisma, I too was drawn to your work, it is absolutely inspired. i get the feeling that Gabriel is my guide as well- as he is for many of us. Calm, loving energy, who can have too much of that? I hope your art and business is thriving. Do you have any prints of this work, I would be willing to purchase one, the smaller the better :-), as a proper print is so nice and it will also go towards your livelihood as an artist which is no mean feat. You sound like you have an exciting life travelling the world. I am sure you have Gabriels blessings. I follow a Buddhist path, but I have reason to think that the buddhas and the angels come together at times of challenge and growth, like 2012.
You are probably very busy being a beautiful artist but if you have time to respond that would be great.
By the way what nationality are you? I am Australian. I have a lovely Brazilian friend, who I know would adore your work.
All the best for 2012 and beyond

Thank you dearest Nicole for your heartwarming words! Of course I would love to share my artwork with you, in a form of a print or otherwise. Australia, how lovely! I do have some of your countrymen on my list of clients (I am very proud to say). I have A3 size prints available, printed on high-quality thick glossy paper. They cost 30 Euros +pp.
Please let me know if that is what you like. I also provide custom-size signed numbered canvas prints, price depends on the size. You can also go to my website http://www.karismartic.com and have a look at more art.

so lovely to hear from you and I wish you all the best!

Blessings of Gabriel and the Masters!


Hi Nicole, I am no longer sure if I replied to you or not! If not please excuse me! thank you very much for such a nice comment, yes, I do indeed have prints for almost all my works, they are A4 size on high quality glossy paper, with a description of the painting behind. The cost is 30 Euros+ post… whatever path you follow today, I hope you are happy on it. Namaste

~ Your depiction of the messenger angel is wonderful – rest assured you will be hearing from Gabriel and his brothers in 2014 ~

I found this and I always tell my wife that she’s looking like this angel, with a warm and kind art. 🙂 Apart from this, I can’t stop looking at all the details of it and the great combinations of colors – I really like it, congratulations for bringing beauty to this world!

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