KarisMa, Goddess Artist

The Goddess in YOU

Posted on: March 21, 2011

There is a hidden Goddess in every woman, the Sleeping Beauty within. In our consumer society, so often we chase the outer beauty, sometimes completely ignoring the beauty within. Sometimes, we even go “to the other side”, without ever discovering, how beautiful, strong, precious we were.  This is the purpose of this Goddess portraiture – to discover the Beauty within and bring it out –  for you and everyone to see. This is very important – so important, that my clients even travel with their Goddess portraits. At these times of change, we need to be gently and frequently reminded of our inner beauty and learn to love ourselves.

How does the Goddess Portrait work?

It’s simple and therefore it is hard to explain. I was given this gift to be able to connect to the psyche, and especially to the Anima, and perceive the images she sends. I usually sit across my client, and we both go into a meditative state and concentrate on opening our hearts. Then my channel opens up, and I begin to perceive the messages from the client’s soul, especially the messages of the state of the feminine part of the soul, the Anima. Anima speaks and sends me images, and I sketch them. After this I make a painting, of the desirable size.

Here is the example of one of my Goddess Portraits, made for a friend of mine, what came through for her was the Native American Butterfly Goddess, the image of transformation. My friend has now moved to another country for 1 year, and took this piece with her. This painting, which expresses the essence of her Divine Feminine, is an endless source of inspiration and healing for her.

To order your unique Goddess portrait to be reminded of your eternal indwelling feminine beauty, please contact me.

To view my art, please go to http://www.karismartic.com


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