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Faux Flowers and Creativity

Posted on: September 24, 2012

Creativity is just around the corner. In fact, it is not just around the corner, creativity is our intrinsic nature. Staying creative seems hard sometimes, because we put ourselves into the box, limit ourselves with thinking about what is and what isnot creative, and how the creativity should be expressed. Especially it concerns artists. We tend to think that we should follow this way or another, or stick to a particular technique. But sometimes, that kills all the creative juices that are ready to bubble up and flow.

Once in a while it does not hurt to use an unusual mixed media. If this idea comes to your mind, trust it, don’t be afraid to break your routine! Follow it, it is YOUR art after all and it is your creative expression!

The Universe had a peculiar way of showing me this by an experience that I in Brazil. Once upon a time (and more precisely, two years ago) I found myself in Abadiania, Brazil. This is about 100 km away from capital city Brasília. Upon my arrival from Europe  I discovered that the customs expropriated almost all my art supplies (as they were too flammable perhaps) and I was left only with a few tubes of oil paint. The nearest art shop worth visiting was miles apart in Brasília. I was guided to a shop in a nearby town which could have something close to what I needed.

My suspicions were justified – a 30 min taxi ride later there I was in the nearest town faced with shelves upon shelves of... faux flowers! Most were tacky and gaudy beyond description. Strangely enough, they also had stretched canvas  and a wide collection of sewing and decor materials to offer.

So the idea was born to combine whatever was offered in this strange boutique into a collage! With a limited choice of oil color I had, the faux flowers and some Swarovski crystals I have created one of my favorite pieces – “Mother Mary of the Casa” – in a unique and crazy style of my own.

Faux flowers is such an unusual medium for me, who is used to paint in Old Masters technique, classical oils and tempera style.  Personally I find faux flowers super cheesy, I can’t even tolerate them in public toilets;  but – and here is an example of transforming mundane to  sublime – even a fake flower can become an object of art. It is just about how you use it.

This piece was really divinely inspired, and perhaps the Providence guided me to the faux flowers, or maybe it was Mother Mary herself. It seems like a string of seemingly dull events can lead you into something inspiring and divine, if you allow yourself to be receptive and alert enough to see behind the curtains.

Something of the energy in this piece makes people stop and look at it for a long time. It was reported by some that it had opened their hearts and the 3d eye chakra. Would I not lose my art supplies that day, I wonder, would  all that magic happen?

Thank you for reading, please enjoy my “Maria de Casa” below, 100×70 cm, oil on canvas, mixed media and if you would  like to see more, visit my website www.karismartic.com.




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