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Happy Halloween!

Posted on: October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween everybody! I just love the energy of this day of the year. The veil is really thin and I do feel more presences around than usual. The air is thick with spirits – you watch out 🙂
Timing couldn’t be better for my newest piece. I wanted to give you a sneak preview of “Plutonia”. Plutonia is like a female version of Pluto, the God of Underworld. It is my unofficial mythology. Since I create Goddesses and not Gods. Enough of Gods. Enough of father figure divinities… God this and God that.

Since Halloween has its roots in Celtic lore, I thought also it was appropriate to celebrate the
“Goddess Below” as it is called, the Goddess that resides in Underworld. Just because she is in Underworld, and she is dark, does not mean that she is evil. Maybe terrible – perhaps, sometimes, but certainly not evil. She was also an inspiration for the piece I am working on. And faeries… did you know that two times a year they change their residence, on Samhain (Halloween) and on Beltain (1 May). It’s supposed to be a dreadful sight,  to see them move around, and woo to those who see the Faery procession… they can be snatched away to Faery Land or be turned into stone. Maybe that’s how it came about that Halloween is a spooky day. If you ask me I would stand outside screaming, “Hello, take me, take me!” but it did not happen until now. All those Halloweens I spent outdoors… they could not care less. Sigh.

I was asked to tell and show more of how I actually make IT. The Art. The answer is I dunno. I just make. There is no technique as such an no magical formula. I can share photos of pieces as they progress, I can answer some questions.  “Plutonia” is now half-way there, I still need to make some figure adjustments.

© Karisma, Plutonia, 150x100cm

Today was a blessed sunny Halloween day, I even had no heating on in my studio. My black cat Aschi was assisting me by lounging in the sun rays…and now candles are lit, I am sipping my tea as I write this post and once I send it, I am back to my studio to flow with the Spirit of Samhain.


Don’t forget to fly by my website http://www.karismartic.com or join me on facebook for more Goddess talk http://www.facebook.karismagoddessart.


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