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Happy New Year! It is going to be the year of the Ox in a few days (by the way, my year :)) so maybe it is due to this fact I find so many references to cows in outer reality. For example, in a word “modern” in reference to art. Everywhere I turn my ears, I hear “mo-o-o-o-odern”, sounds like a heard of cows, with a slight variations on “post-mo-o-o-o-odern” theme. What is “modern”, anyway? To me it means “contemporary”, “fresh”, “new”… Is that art what we call modern, is it that new? It already has been a few decades… and the term “post-modern” sounds completely absurd. And what about what comes after that? “post-post modern”? So I am an artist, painting today, for my contemporaries (myself included). Am I making modern art?

I am including my latest couple of paintings, and asking the readers to tell me, what category does it fall into? I think it does not fall into any. I think real art is an eternal thing, it is never just “modern” or “post-modern”…

The first one  is the beautiful Yemanja, the Patroness of Brasil, the goddess of the sea and the moon. She is also closely related to Nossa Senhora Aparecida, a dark Madonna of Brasil. They both have dark skin and are associated with water. And the mermaid on the right is your humble servant 🙂 I painted this recently in Dec 2008, while in Abadiania, Brasil, at the healing center of Joao de Deus. The energy there is amazing and the painting was saturated with the healing Light of the place.

The second piece is Divine Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of Love and Beauty, and the patroness of arts. I feel very closely connected to her, she has been my inspiration for many years. This piece is 150×100 cm, oil on canvas with golden leaf ornamentation.


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